Waring Pro DF280 Professional Deep Fryer

Waring Pro DF280 Professional Deep Fryer

The Waring® professional deep fryer is made of brushed stainless steel with a removable 1800-watt immersion style heating element and is the perfect addition to any kitchen.

The Waring Pro-DF280 Professional Deep fryer review lets you fry anything and it never allows grease to stick onto the food like most cheap deep fryers. As a matter of fact, with the massive 1800W of raw power that ripples through the immersion-heater, this Waring Pro DF280 Fryer takes only a few minutes to boil 1 gallon of oil-in its large & deep container. Walls of the large container as-well-as the floor are both enamel coated meaning you do not need to worry about maintaining and cleaning it.

Waring-Pro-DF280 reviewIn addition, once you are done frying, the pouring-spout allows you to drain out the excess oil later on & store it for-later use.

Basically, this fryer can accommodate 2 small baskets or one large basket, both of which come-along with a frying unit. There’s the cool touch-handles which let you grasp baskets even-when the baskets are hot. As-for controls, you’ll find basic thermostat & timer dials which have a lid on-the viewing window.

The outer surface of the fryer is finished in shiny stainless steel-brushed expanse whilst the interior-takes up to to three pounds of food at-a time. Each part of the Fryer can be removed & cleaned separately.

The very 1st thing you’ll notice about this fryer is that it has got some pretty-impressive features. Design wise, it is solid being-constructed from stainless steel & with enamel coat on the inside. The deep fryer does look a lot like the industrial grade-fryers which fast food chains normally use. One of the most alluring aspects though, is the dual basket operation.

Whenever you want to make 2 different batches at the same time or 2 different recipes, the 2 small baskets will come handy & for the large servings the large-basket is absolutely perfect.

Typically, you can easily multitask in just 1 gallon of oil. Size & shape of this fryer is such that you may drop a large-fish or a whole-chicken in the fryer without having to worry about the space.

Key features of the Waring Pro DF280:

  • Waring-Pro-DF280 reviewsOil container comes-with drainage spout & one gallon capacity.
  • Immersion heater is rated-at 1800 W & heats oil quickly.
  • Total of 30 minutes auto timer option.
  • Thermostat controls & two small mesh-baskets with a large-1.
  • Cool touch handles & see through lid-design.
  • Total capacity-of 2.3 pounds.
  • Enamel coat on the inside & stainless steel construction-on the outside.


Waring Pro DF280 Specifications:

cheap Waring-Pro-DF280This fryer comes complete with all that’s needed to provide deep-frying at the very comfort of your home

  • Lid has viewing window & odor release mechanism
  • Precision temperature controls offers customized use
  • 30 minute-timer adds convenience
  • Removable nonstick oil-tank makes the clean up a breeze
  • Cool touch handles offer peace of mind
  • Pouring spout keeps the messes to a bare minimum
  • Power & ready lights provide ease of use
  • 2.3 lbs capacity
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Hand-wash, attachments are dish washer safe Includes:
  • 4qt. nonstick-oil container
  • Large heavy-mesh bucket
  • Two small heavy-mesh buckets
  • Measures at 12.8 inches in Length; 12.8 inches in Width; 18.5 inches in Height
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Performance: Versatile multi basket design; Waring Pro Deep Fryer’s capacity is ideal for the families that need to fry-large quantities.A dual basket design makes-it possible to easily cook different kinds of foods simultaneously, meaning you do not have to fry-multiple batches. With 1,800 watt heating element, this fryer heats up rather quickly & maintains the temperatures well.
  • Ease of use: Easy to use & clean; A built in spout makes-it easy to pour the used oil, & the nonstick-interior makes the clean up a cinch. The Fyer’s bowl is removable & dishwasher safe for easy clean-up. The basket handles remain cool to touch, thus reducing burns & eliminating need to use-bulky oven mitts.
  • Control: Digital timer, temperature control; Waring Pro Fryer allows-you to cook either 1 large batch or 2 different foods in separate-baskets simultaneously. The minute timer comes-in handy, & a digital timer & thermostat with the easy to read display provide for greater control-over the cooking process.
  • Durability: It has a stainless steel finish-for restaurant style quality; The Waring Professional deep-fryer has a commercial style feel & its rugged, stainless-steel finish looks really great sitting on your kitchen counter. In addition, the Waring-Pro is well backed by a 1 year warranty
  • Nonstick interior
  • Convenient pour-spout
  • One large or 2 small baskets
  • Digital temperature-control


  • Requires lots of oil
  • Inconvenient oil-draining


The Waring DF280 Deep Fryer may be a consumer-grade deep fryer, however, in my opinion it is an industrial grade-performer. Its’ design closely resembles what you normally find at fast food restaurants but in a much-more compact size.

The end-result is high efficiency, more usage & much more versatility-for home chefs. Typically, this is a fryer that will make any avid-fry fan happy. It has got a great design, excellent performance & great durability.

Waring Pro DF280 Professional Deep Fryer, Brushed Stainless
9.4 Total Score
Start from: $99.95

Need a quick way to prepare food for your family or for a special event? This three basket deep fryer allows you to cook up three different snacks all at once in this 1 gallon 3 basket deep fryer.

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I purchased this as a replacement to a dead Krups, which no longer sells or supports fryers. So I'm not new to fryers. Before my purchase I did quite a bit of research before I settled on this one. I needed a large fryer for things like fish and chicken.I've had it about 3 weeks and put it through it's paces. I made Fish & Chips, Corn Dogs, Chili Rellenos, Fried Chicken. Fried Oysters, Fried Zucchini, Fried Mushrooms, Potato Chips, Fried Cheese Sticks and even Fried Twinkies.The only semi-down side is that I have to add more oil then Waring suggests. I added an extra 64 once bottle. It only raised the level about one inch. So plenty of room. After that is was great. I use peanut oil to fry. The unit heats up to 375 in about 15 minutes. It held the temperature very well. Everything I made came out great!I did not use the two small baskets, The only reason for those would be to fry two different things at the same time. I was able to use my dead fryer and some cheese cloths to filter the oil into.The Fried Twinkies had a good fry but are really carnival novelty food. Not something I would make again...in case you were wondering. 🙂
April 28, 2012
This is a really hard product to review. Unlike most reviews, I'm going to start with the negatives. This thing is cheaply made. The metal on the outside casing is razor thin. The lid has no filter. Unlike most competitors in this price range it has no oil drainage system, you just take out the vessel and pour the oil out.Now the oddities, it comes with 3 baskets, two small and one large. On the surface that's a nice touch. The reality is, you've got more stuff you need storage space for. And unless you want to keep the baskets submerged in the oil when you're not using it, you'll need store all 3 baskets.And, I know they all seem to be doing this, but I hate the controls at the back of the unit. Heat up the oil and try to set the timer and you risk getting burned from the steam coming out the vents.Now, this all sounds pretty negative. So why the 4 stars? Well because it actually does what it's supposed to do. This is the 3rd fryer I've bought in the past week. Spent $150 for a T-Fal that wouldn't get above 340 degrees. Then tried a De Longhi Roto fryer for $100. That would't get above 345. The Waring actually gets up to the advertised 375.Another nice feature is that the display actually shows the temperature as it's heating up. This gives you some idea of how much longer it's going to be before it's ready. Now I did find the temperature reading wasn't real accurate at the low end. But once it got up to about 325 it was within a few degrees.So the bottom line, if you're looking for fancy features, this is not the fryer for you. But if you want something that will actually fry your food the way it's supposed to be done, this is the way to go.
December 9, 2013
Pro's - simple set up, easy to clean, no directions needed.Con's - no catch screen under baskets. Baskets sit on top of heating element. No filter.Design could have been better. Baskets hook on side when draining: large basket should have two hooks but only has one in middle and has a tendency to flip if food is off balance when draining/unloading. Cleans easily. Would recommend, worth paying $80 max for this item - wait for it to go on sale.
August 6, 2012
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